album 5 -- Palazzo San Teodoro, 281 Riviera di Chiaia (see text below)

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his building is directly across from the long public park, the Villa Comunale, on the street named Riviera di Chiaia. The street is lined with remarkable buildings (for example, the Terrenia building, the second photo in this album, or, the most striking, the villa Pignatelli). The road runs for about one mile on the north side of the park; before the villa Comunale came into existence in the 1700s, the road was actually on the sea-front! Development of the properties began in the late 1500s and the area--called, simply, "Chiaia"-- became one of the most exclusive ones in Naples. Some of the properties still have dates on them from the 1600s, although most of them stem from the 1700s and, in this case, 1800s, in many case replacing earlier structures from the 1500 and 1600s. The Palazzo San Teodoro was built in 1826. As is the case with most of the others, this one, too, was built to be the home of a single noble family. It still stands out by virtue of the clean, classical style (arch. Guglielmo Bechi) and color, Pompeian red. These days, with princes and dukes in short supply, such buildings have all been sub-divided into multiple apartments and even shops at street-level.