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Kircher, Mundus subterraneus & Naples
MAR 22 Papal visit
MAR 16 Bewitched, bothered & betogaed...
MAR 20 revise: Orvieto
MAR 14 Nice habit!
MAR 15 add to Catacombs
MAR 10
add to Caiazzo - Roman cistern
MAR 13 Friday the 13th
Nat. Musuem: from Octavian to God
MAR 8 Happy Forgotten Railway Day!
Underground cities & settlements
MAR 5 Neptune moves again!
FEB 24 the latest sink-hole!
FEB 28 Of gullies, tunnels and Monòpoli
FEB 21
results: environment fund winners
FEB 22 The old Royal Granary
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FEB 18 Etruscan museum in Naples
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Old Naples in Google Archives
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This website was originally called the Around Naples Encyclopedia. Other than the name change, the content in this version is identical to the earlier one, although with the addition of a graphics page with photos, maps and audio files (on menu bar, above) it is larger.  As always, there are constant additions. (See the "welcome" link on the menu bar for a further description of the contents. Also see the site map.) If you are just looking around, directly above this paragraph are links to some random entries that I will change every few days.

The "portals" link on the above menu bar is for broad areas such as "literature," "art," etc.  There are currently 52 Naples Miscellany pages that contain a number of shorter items NOT necessarily in this general index. Those pages are in chronological order and run from May 2007 to the present. They are in this index under -M- or they start here; the current page is here. (As of Dec 2010, there is an additional Early Miscellania page for items before 2007.) I have put a number of the more whimsical entries into a series called "Everything is related to Naples" (ErN on the menu bar, above), and the "other" tab on the menu bar has a few extraneous items that are not in the main index. I welcome email about content, mistakes and broken links.

The main body of Naples: Life, Death & Miracles currently consists of approximately one million words (with about 500 photos) distributed across 1,000 separate .html files referenced by about 2000 entries in the main index. There is also a separate "graphics & audio" page with many other photos linked to relevant articles; the audio section is small but evolving--see menu bar, above). Most entries are one to a single page (file), but some pages contain two or three entries on the same subject. As noted above, there are also "miscellaneous" pages with many different smaller items on each page. The phrase "Life, Death  Miracles" is a translation of the Italian expression, Vita, Morte e Miracoli. If you say in Italian that you "know the life, death, and miracles" of something, that is equivalent to saying that you know "everything there is to know." While I don't flatter myself into thinking that everything you might ever want to know about Naples, Italy, is in these pages, it's a good start and, besides, I like the expression.


A (name of yacht)
A Bell for Adano
Abravanel (Benvenida, Samuel)
Abu Tabela
Academy of Fine Arts
Academia Secretorum (1)  (2)  (3)
Academies in the Middle Ages
Achenbach, Oswald
Actors Studio
Acropolis, Recovering the
advertising (1) (2) (3)
(4)  (5)  (6)
ads & English
Afragola (rapid train station)
Agnano (lake)
Agnano thermal baths(1) (2) (3) (4)
Agro Picentino (museum)
A.I.A.P. (presepe association)
Air Force Academy
airport (complaints)
Albacini, Carlo
Albanians in southern Italy
Albergo-Poveri (1)
(2) (3)
Alburni (Letters from, 2013)
Alburni Mountains
Alburni, towns of the
Alifana railway
All thy Conquests
Alnwick (William of)
Altair III (yacht)
Altamura (bread, Man, cathedral)
Altamura, Saverio
Altavilla, Pasquale
Alvino, Errico
Amalfi (1)
   (2)   (3)
Amalfi Maritime Code
Amalfi Maritime Museum
Amendola, G.B.
America's Cup (1)  (2)
  (3) (4)
Amina/Picentia (Etruscan)
Amerigo Vespucci (ship)(1)  (2)
Amodio, Pasquale

Amore, Nicola
amphitheater, Roman Naples
amphitheater (Flavian), Pozzuoli


Anacapri (Engl. forts)(1)  (2)
Anacapri (Letter from, 2011)
ancient Naples collection
ancient peoples of the South
Andreozzi, Gaetano
Angelini, Tito
Angel's Flight (Basilicata)
Angevin Fortress
Angevin Naples(1)  (2)
Angevin Naples (simplified!)
Annese, Gennaro
Annius of Viterbo
Anniversary Waltz
Annunziata, Church
Antece (rock sculpture)
anthems (even of Naples!)
Anticaglia, via
Antiniana, via
anti-seismic construction
Antonino stadium
Aponte, Gianliugi
April Fool's Day
Aperti per Voi
Aquara (Alburni)
aquarium (Dohrn)
aqueduct (Apulian)
aqueduct (Carmignano)
aqueduct (Carolino)
aqueduct (Roman)(1) (2)
aqueduct (Serino)
Aquinas, Thomas
Arab influence on Renaissance
Aragon, Crown of (1) (2) (3)
Aragonese Naples
Arata, Giulio Ulisse
Arborea, Eleonora (of)
Archangel Michael (church)
Archbishop's palace
archeology(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
archeological tourism
Archiflegrean caldera
architecture (1)  (2)
     (click on image)

architecture of Fascism
archives, state
Arcimboldi, Giuseppe
Arco Felice

"arsenale" of Naples
art (contemp. religious)
art gallery (Napoli Underground)
Artemis (statue)
art, modern (1) (2)
art, modern (PAN museum)
art nouveau (1) (2) (3)
art, restoration
art theft
Arthur (King)
Ascarelli, Giorgio (stadium)
Ascensione a Chiaia
Aselmeyer Castle

Astroni, the
Atella-Comedy Central
Atella (archaeology museum)
Atena Lucana
Athena (yacht)(1)  (2)
Atherstone, Edwin
Atlas (Farnese)
Auberjonois, René
Austrian Naples
Avena, Adolfo (1)  (2)  (3)
Averno, lake (main entry)
Averroës (Ibn-Rushid)
Avicenna (Ibn Sin)
Avicenna (Canon of Medicine)
Avignon Papacy
Avitabile, Paolo (general)
A Walk in the Sun


Baboccio (da Piperno), A.
Bach, J.S.
Badlands, the
Bagnoli, future of (1)
(2) (3)
(5) (6) (7) (8) (9)  (10)
bagpipes, Neapolitan (1)
Baia Thermal Baths
Baia (castle & museum)
Baia, Imperial Port
Baia, Temple of Venus
Balfe, Michael
ballet in Naples
Balsorano (Palazzo)
Bamonte, Giuseppe
Bandello, Matteo
Banca Intesa (art gallery)
Bank of Naples (archives)
Bank of Naples (treasures)
bank robbers
baptistery S. Giovanni in fonte
Barbaia, Domenico (1)  (2)
Barbati, Gaetano (priest)
Barbaro (Mt.)
Barbella, Emanuele
Barber of Seville
(other ones!)
Barcelona (cruise stop)
Barenboim, Daniel
Barletta (Challenge of)
Barnabites in Naples
Barons' Revolt (Capaccio)
Baroque (Back to the, 2010)
Baroque (Lecce)
Baroque, Neapolitan (painters)
Barzini, L. Italians in Argentina
Basile, Giambattista
baths, thermal (Roman)(1) (2)
(3) (4)
Battistello (G.B. Caracciolo)
Baum, L. Frank

Bayard, the (1st train)
          (click on image)

Bazzico, Alfonso
Bazzini, Antonio
Bay of Naples (Renoir)
Bearded Lady (painting)
Befana (1)  (2)  (3)
Bellini (piazza)
Bellini Theater
Bellini, Vincenzo
belfry, oldest
Belliazzi, Raffaele
bells (Marinelli)
Belvedere 'lama' (Puglia)
Belvedere (villa)
beneath Naples
beneath oldest basilica
Benevento (Duchy of)
Benevento, Witches of
Bernari, Carlo
Beverello, molo (pier)
Bianchi (Institute)
Bianchi, Pietro (architect)
bicycle path
Big Rock Cockayne Mountain
Birds of Passage (book)
bird symbolism
Black Death, the (1656)
black market
Blackwood of London (yacht)
De Blasio, Bill
Boats of the Bay
Boccaccio, Giovanni
bombing of Naples, WW2

bombs (unexplod.) (1) (2)
Bonaparte, Caroline
bonfires of Sant'Antuono
Boniface V (pope)
Boniface VIII (pope)
Boniface IX (pope)
books on Naples (1)
(2) (3) (4)
Borgo Marinaro
Borsa (Piazza della)
Bossi, Marco Enrico
Botanical Garden
Bourbon Coffee (ad)
Bourbon (coat of arms)
Bourbon 'royal sites' (list)
Bourbons (1)
  (2)  (3)  (4)
Bourbons in Exile, the
Bourbons miscellany
Bourbons (origins)
Bourbons (public health)
Bourbon troops/US Civil War
Bourbon Tunnel
Bovio, Libero
Bozzutto, Giuseppe (Dr.)
Brandi (1)   (2)
brides, child
bridge (oldest)
Brindisi & the Bronzes
"Bronze-Age Venice"
Brown, Harry
Bruni, Sergio
Bruno, Giordano (1)  (2)
Brutalist (architecture)
Buchner, Giorgio
Buffalo Bill
building, illegal (1)   (2)

bull fighting in Naples
bunker photos
Burney, Charles
Burns, John Horne
busses & bus drivers

busses & trams (early)
Butler, Samuel
bynames of kings

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cabin-lift (Posillipo)
cable-cars (1)  (2)  (3)
cable-cars (map)
Caccaviole, le gole di
Caesar Augustus (villa)
"Caffarelli" (castrato)
café chantant
Cafè Express (film)

Caggiano, Emanuele
Caiazzo Pheasant Reserve
Calabria, Notes on
Calabria quake (1783)
Calabritto, Palazzo
calanchi (badlands)
Calasanzio, G.
Calà Ulloa, Pietro
Calderai, the (society)
Cales (ancient)
Calì, Antonio
Calore river
Camaldol (1)  (2)
Camaldoli Urban Park
Cammarano, Salvatore
Cammarano, Vincenzo
Camillus de Lellis (saint)
camorra (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
(6) (7) (8) (9)
camorra (on-line library)
Campagna, a righteous town
Campanella, Tommaso
Campania Felix (poems)

Campanian Ignimbrite Eruption Campeva (Etruscan)
Campi Flegrei
Campi Flegrei (museum)
Campolieto, villa
Canova, Antonio
Capaccio (castle, plot)
Capasso, Michele
Capitanata & Gargano
Capece Minutolo, Antonio
Cappella-Roman fleet necropolis

Capri, Battle of (1)  (2)
Capri Revisited (J.MacKowen)

Capua (provincial museum)
Capuana, Porta, Castle
Capurro, Giovanni (1) (2-bio)
Caracciolo, Fran. (admiral)
Caracciolo, Francis (Saint)
Caracciolo, G.("Battistello")
Caracciolo, Pier Antonio
Caracciolo (via)
Carafa di Belvedere
Carafa di Roccella (palazzo)
Carafa, Oliviero
Carasale, Angelo
Caravaggio (comics)

Caravaggio Exhibit in Naples
Caravaggio on loan?
Caravaggio, the last
Cardarelli, A. (hospital)
Carditello (Bourbon lodge)
Carlo, Prince of Capua
Carmelite (ancient order)
Carmelite (Discalced) Order
Carmina Burana
Carminiello ai Mannesi
Carmine Church (1)  (2)
Caroline (Queen of Naples)
Caroline, queen (the "other")


Carus, C.G.
Caruso, Enrico(1)  (2)
casa baraccata
Casacalenda (Palazzo)
Casa del Turista (Brindisi)
Casanova in Naples
Casa Rossa (Anacapri)

Caserta Palace & San Leucio
Caserta Palace as film set
 Cascio Ferro, Vito
Casina Vanvitelliana
Castel Capuano
Castelcivita cave
Castellammare (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Castel dell'Ovo
Castel del Monte (Puglia)(1) (2)
Castelgrande Observatory

Castelnuovo al Volturno (WWII)
castles, old
castles & towers & forts
castrati (1) (2) (3)
catacombs (1)  (2)
catacombs, Jewish
Catalan Atlas
Catalan expansion
Caudine Forks (battle)
Cavagna, Gian Battista
Cavallini, Pietro (1)  (2)
Cavallino, Bernardo
cave art (really!)
cave-churches(1) (2) (3) (4)  (5)
cave-ins, sink-holes, etc.
caves (1)   (2)
caves (Coastal)
caves (prehistoric)
Cavone hill, the
Celanapoli Assoc.
Celano, Carlo
Celestine V (Pope)
Celestre, Roberto
Cellamare (Palazzo)
cell phones
Cemetery-366 Trenches
Center of Ancient Music
center/Naples, hist. (map)
centro direzionale
Cerami (Battle of)
ceramics museum
Cerignola (Battle)
Cerulli, Enrico
Cervantes in Naples
Championnet (General)
Chanowitz, H. (1)   (2)  (3)
charity(1)   (2)
Charles II ('Little King')
Charles III
Charles V
Cheetah the chimp
chess: pieces & boards
chestnut crisis (1)   (2)
Chiaiese, Leonardo
Chiaromonte, F.
Chiatamone, (water of)
child labor
Chinese in Naples (1)   (2)
Chinese restaurants

Christ of Maratea (statue)
Christ Church
Christianity, early
Christian symbolism (1) (2)
Christie, Agatha
Christmas (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
Christmas Already?
Christmas Pieces, Four
Christological monogram
Church of the Cenacolo
Church of the 33
churches, misc.(starts here)
Cicerone (tour guide)
Cilea, Francesco
Cilento (Alburni)
Cilento, hill towns
Cilento, national park
Cimarosa, D.
Cimbrone, Villa (Ravello)

Circumvesuviana railway
Cirella (Palazzo)
Cirillo, Domenico


Città-Partenope (on-line)
City Hall
Cities and Virgins
city walls
Civil War (U.S., Italians in)

Clanio (river)
Clodt v. Jürgensburg,P.
Coat of Arms, Bourbon
Cocceius, Lucius Auctus
Cocchiara, Giuseppe
Coleman, Charles C.
Collana, Arturo (stadium)
Collecini, Francesco (1) (2) (3)
Colletta, Pietro
Colombo, Giacomo
Colonna, Vittoria
colors (of houses)
Come back to Sorrento
Comencini, Giovan Battista
Comic Opera
comic books
Commedia dell'Arte
composers, obscure
composers (other)
Conca (Palazzo)
Conca, Sebastiano
Concezione al Chiatamone
Concistoriali, the (society)
Confederate flag
Confed. States of America
Conforto, G. (1) (2) (3)
Congregation of the Oratory
Congregazioni (palace of the)
Congress (Italian Scientists-1845)
Conradin (execution)
conservatory, music
conservatories, orignal
Constantine of Carthage
Constantine (Edict of)
construction (to resist quakes)
Conte, Luisa
Contucci, Andrea
convents, aristocratic
Cook's (Thomas) Railway
Coppola, Carlo
Coppola, Laura
Coppola, villaggio
cops, undercover
copyright (1)  (2)  (3)
Corenzio, Belisario (1) (2)
coriander & confetti
Corigliano (Palazzo)
Corleto Monforte
Corradino (1)  (2)
Coroglio (1)  (2)
Corte dei Leoni (villa)
Cortese, Giulio Cesare
Cosenza, Luigi (architect)
Counter Reformation, Naples
Craco (ghost town)
Craven, Elizabeth (1)  (2)
Craven (Villa)
Crawford, Marion (article)
Crescere Insieme
Crispi, Francesco
Cristoforo Colombo (ship)
Croce, B. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Croce di Lucca (church)
Cronaca di Partenope
Crotone & Pythagoras
Crown of Aragon, the
Cruise, the
cryptic inscriptions
Cuccagna, il Paese di
the Neapolitan
Cucciniello, Michele
Culture Forum (2013)  (2)
culture, Neapolitan (1)  (2) (3) (4)  (5)
Cuma (Roman tunnel)
Cumana railway
Cuoco, Vincenzo
currency (archaic units)
customs, new, old
cypress grove

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D'Acquisto, S.
da Camaino, Tino
da Lentini, Giacomo
Damecuta, villa (1)  (2)
D'Angelo, Francesco
d'Angri, Palazzo
Daniele, Pino (1)  (2. R.I.P.)
da Nola, Giovanni
Dante Alighieri
Dante, Piazza
Dante (statue)
da Panicale, Masolino
D'Arcos (viceroy)
Dark Ages in Naples(1)  (2)
d'Avalos (Palazzo) (Procida)
death, culture of
de Alcubierre, Rocco
De balneis puteolanis
De Crescenzo, Luciano
De Curtis, G.B.
De Filippo, Eduardo (1)  (2) (3) (4) (5)
De Filippo, E. (popularity abroad)
De Filippo, Peppino
Dehnhardt, Friedrich
de Jorio, Andrea

d'Elboeuf, villa
de' Liguori, Alfonso Maria
della Porta, Giambattista
della Vigna, Pier

delle Colonne, Guido
dell'Orefice, Giuseppe
De Luca, Ferdinando

demanio di Calvi
de Matteis, Paolo
d'Enghien, Maria

(click on image)

de Mari (Poggio dei Mari)
De Marinis, Fulvio
De Muto, Salvatore

de Paganis, (H)ugo

De Principe (Pontano)
de Ribera, Giuseppe
De Sanctis, Francesco
De Sica, Vittorio
De Simone, R.
de Toledo, Pedro (Don)
De Veroli, Carlo
Devil's Footprints
De Vulagari Eloquentia
dialect (Neapolitan) (1)  (2)
dialect lit. in Neapolitan
dialect theater
diaspora, Neapolitan
Diaz, Armando
di Capua, Eduardo
Dickens, Charles
di Fausto, Florestano
Di Giacomo, S.
Diomede Carafa (Palazzo)
Dionysius (of Sicily)
diplo. relations, US/Naples
di Sangro, Raimondo
di Spigna, Alfonso
d'Ognate (viceroy)
Dog, Grotto of the
dog museum
dog waste
dog racing
Dohrn, Anton
doll hospital
Doll's House, A
Dolomites, Small (reg.park)
Donadio, Giovanni
Donizetti, G.
Donn'Anna, villa
Doria, Andrea
Doria d'Angri, Palazzo
Doria d'Angri, Villa
Dorian Invasion
D'Orsi, Achille
Doyle, Arthur Conan
driving in Naples
drones over Naples(1)  (2)
Dove sta Zazà (song)
dubbing, film
Duca d'Aosta (piazzetta)
Duchesca (Villa)
Duchess of Malfi, The
Dumas, Alexander
Durante, Francesco
dynasties (time-line)
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Early humans in S. Italy
Early Miscellania
earthquake (Calabria, 1783)
earthquake (Ischia, 1883)
earthquake (Messina, 1908) (2)
earthquake (1857) (1930) (1980)

Easter Monday
Echia, Mt.
Eden (Hotel)-ex
Edenlandia (park)(1)   (2)
Egg Castle
"Eleonora"(Fonseca Pimentel)

Elena e Maria, villa
emigration exhibit
emigration museum?
English cemetery (-ex)
English forts, Capri (1)  (2)

English usage
Enotrians (ancient people)
Eos (yacht)   (2)
Equians (ancient people)
erotic art (ancient)
Esposito, Lello
Etna (Mt.) (on UNESCO list)
Etruscans in Campania(1)  (2)

Etruscan language
Etruscan museum
Eunostidi (Greek Naples)

         (click on image)

Eureka!--museum exhibit

Euro, the (1)  (2)

Evangelista, Elsa
Everything is related to Naples: series.

Evil Eye
Exultet rolls of S. Italy


Fabre, Jan
FAI - environmental fund
Faito, Monte (Mt.)
Falcone, Andrea
Falcone, Aniello
Fanzago, Cosimo
Farelli, Giacomo
Farnese Collection
Farnese, Palazzo (Rome)
fascio littorio (Fascist symbol)
Fascist architecture
Fascist plot against Croce
fast-food (ancient) (1) (2)
Favorita, Villa
Fazzini, Gaetano
Ferdinando e Carolina (film)
Ferdinand II, "la bomba"
Ferdinand IV (a sidelight)
Fermariello (Villa)
Ferrante of Aragon
Ferrigno. Giuseppe
Fersen (villa, on Capri)
Fèscina, the
Festa, Farina e Forca
Fibonacci, Leonardo
Fieramosca, Ettore
fig (hand gesture)
Filangieri, Gaetano
Filangieri museum
film noir

    (click on image)

films set in Naples
Filomarino, A. (archbishop)

Filomarino, Palazzo

Finelli. Giuliano
Fiorentini, dei (theater)
Fiorenza, Rosario
Fiorillo, Silvio
fireworks(1)   (2)
Fireworks in Naples (painting)
Firrao, Palazzo
Fischetti, Fedele
"Fjord" of Furore
Flegrean Fields
Flegrean islands (marine reserve)
Floridiana, Villa
Florimo, Francesco
"flower people"
FOQUS (Found. Spanish Quarters)
Foggia, Michele
food, slow
Fonseca Pimentel, E.
Fontana, Domenico
Fontanelle cemetery

football (soccer), early
Fortunato, Giustino
fortune tellers
Forty-Hour devotion (altar)
Fossataro, Marcello
fountain, Serino
fountains, (monument)
Four Days of Naples (1)  (2)  (3)
Fracanzano, Cesare
Fra Diavolo
Fra Nuvolo
Franceschi, Emilio
Franchetti, Alberto
Francis II ("Franceschiello") (1)   (2)
Francis (pope) in Campania(1)  (2)
Franklin, Benjamin
fratria (Greek Naples)
Frederick II (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Freight Village (Nola)
Fresnel lenses
Friday the 17th!
Fruit of Christmas, The
Fučík, Julius
Fuga, Ferdinando
Funiculì Funiculà
funicolari (cable cars) (map)
funicolare (Montesanto)
funicolare (MS: new station)
funicolare (new station 2)
funivia (Posillipo)
Fusaro, Lake
Fussel, Paul

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Gabinetto segreto
Galdieri, Rocco and Michele
Galilei, Vincenzo
Galleria Principe di Napoli
Gallery, The (novel)

Galleria Umberto
Galuppi, Baldassarre
Gambrinus Caffè
Gandolfi, Riccardo
garbage and beauty
Gargano, the
Gargano National Park
Gargiulo, D. (1)  (2) (Micco Spadaro)

Garibaldi, Giuseppe
Garibaldi (US reaction 1) (2)
Garibaldi Metro station
Garigliano river
Garzya, Giacomo(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5) (6)
Gate of Heaven, the (film)
Gaudí, Antonio

Gaudo culture
Gauro, Mt.
Gay Odin
Gazzaniga, Giuseppe
Gazzola, Felice
Gelbison. Mt. (sanctuary)
Gemito, Vincenzo(1) (2)
Genoa (cruise stop)
Genoino, Giulio
Genovesi, Antonio
Genovese, Gaetano
Gentileschi, Artemisia
geology (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
geophysics observ. Ischia
Gestur (navigation company)
gestures, hand (1) (2)
gestures & A. de Jorio
Gesualdo, Carlo
Gesù delle monache (church)
Gesù Nuovo, church & square
Ges.Nuovo, music on facade
Gesù Vecchio (church)
getting by
Ghetti, Bart. & Pietro
ghost towns
Giaquinto, Corrado
Giammusso, Hugo
Giannetti, Giovanni
"Giant," the (fountain)
Gigante, Giacinto
Gigante, Marcello
gigli (of Nola)
Gioconda, la
Gioia, Flavio
Giordani, Giuseppe
Giordano, Luca (1)  (2)
Giov. Maria Trabaci (assoc.)
Girolamini (book theft)
Girolamini (church, monas.)
Girolamini (pipe organ)
Gisolfo, Orazio

Gladstone's pamphlet/Naples
Gleijeses, Vittorio
Goethe, J.W.v.(1)  (2)
goigs (Sard. religious chants)
Golden Mile
Golden Pool, On
Google archives (old Naples)
goats (on Capri)
Gonzaga, Giulia
Goodyear Blimp
Gothic Wars
Gradola, villa (Anacapri)
graffiti (1)    (2)
Grand Hotel (1880)
Grand Hotel Londres
Grand Tour, the
Granary, the old Royal
Gravina, Palazzo
Grazzanise (airport)
Great Race of 1908
Great White Fleet
Greeks in Naples
Greek language (in Italy)
Greek Orthodox Church
Greek tombs
Greene, Graham
Gregorian calendar
Gregory VII (Pope)
Green Schooner
Grimaldi, Francesco (1) (2)

Grossatesta, Gaetano
grottoes (marine) of Posillipo
Gualtieri, Nicola
Guarracino, lo
Guglielmelli, Arcangelo
Guglielmi, Pietro
Guiscard, Robert
Guise (Duke of)
guitar in Naples, the
gypsies (1) (2)


Hammett, A.

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Hersey, John
Hesselblad, Mary Elizabeth

Hindenburg (airship)
Historical Studies (Institute)
historic center, Naples (map)
Hitler in Naples

Holmes, Sherlock
Holocaust Studies in Naples
Holy Apostles (church)

Homo Erectus (Aeserniensis)
hooligans (soccer)
Horn, Rebecca
horse breeding (Persano)
horse's head
Horse Tamers, The (statues)
hospital del mare
hospital (First Polyclinic)
hospital for the "Incurable"
hospital, military (ex)convent
"hospital section" of Naples
Hospital, USA 17th General
Howells, William Dean
humans (early modern)

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Iapigi (ancient people)
Ibn Khaldun
ice-skating in Naples
I dreamt that I dwellt in marble halls
Ieranto (Jeranto)(Bay)
Ig Nobel prizes
Incoronata, church(1)  (2)
industrial archaeology
Industrial Arts museum
Impossible Exhibit, the (2014)
incubation (the other one)
Innocenti, Bruno
Inquisition (Medieval)
Inquisition (Spanish)
Insanguine, Giacomo
installation art
Inst. Historical Studies
Inst. Philosoph. Studies
Int. Cont. Drill. Program
inverted high-rises
Io speriamo che me la cavo
iPhone app for touring Naples
Iqbal's Carpet (social circus)
iSanGennaro, the (!)
Ischia(1)   (2)  (3)
Ischia (ancient/Pithecusa)
Ischia (earthquake 1883)
Ischia (letter from)
Ischia (lighthouse)
Islam (Muslim colony, Lucera)
Islam, early (in Italy)
Islam in Naples  (1)  (2) (3)
islands (small)
Isolympic Games (Neapolis)
Isouard, Nicolò
Italian naval flag
Italian Wars (1500s)

Italian Wars (1500s)
Italic Confederation

Italic peoples
Italsider (Ilva)
"Italy" (etymology)
"Italy" (first use of)
Iuvara, Martino


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jai alai (1)   (2)
Jefferson, Thomas
Jerace (Ierace), Francesco
Jeranto (Bay of) & poem
Jessel, Leon
Jesuits in Naples
Jewish community
Jewish catacombs
Jewish history exhibit
Jewish quarter
Jews (early in Italy)
Jews of San Nicandro
JFK in Naples
Joanna I  & Joanna II
Jodice,  Mimmo
John of Austria
Joli, Antonio
Jolly Hotel
Jommelli, Niccolò
Jones, Thomas
journals & newspapers, old
Journey to Parnassus
Judith (Book of)
Jung, C.G.


K666. Fra Mozart e Napoli (novelle)
Kagoshima, Japan
Kapoor, Anish
karst & caving in S. Italy
karst (geology)
Kathleen Mavourneen
Kerbaker, Michele
Keys, Ancel
Khedive (the, in Naples)
Kircher, Athanasius
Knights Templar
Krupp, Alfred
Krupp (via) (Capri)

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