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These are the entries in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles dealing with music. This includes entries for composers as well as general items about musical theaters (such as San Carlo) and items about popular music, folk music and the Neapolitan Song.

Audio excerpts are available as indicated here.

An 8-part series entitled "Obscure Composers". All parts link from this first page. The series makes reference to about 40 different composers from the 1700s to the present.

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ancient music
Barbella, Emanuele
bagpipes, Neapolitan   
Balfe, Michael  
ballet in Naples  
ballo in maschera, un  
Barber of Seville, the
Barenboim, Daniel   
Bellini, Vincenzo  
Birds of Passage( book review)
Bixio, Cesare Andrea
Bruni, Sergio  
Burney, Charles   
Cantata dei Pastorori (Shepherds' Cantata)
Capurro & di Capua (& authors of 'o sole mio)
Capurro, Giovanni (short bio)
Carasale, Angelo (archt. San Carlo)

Caro mio ben
Caruso, Enrico (& entries linked from this one)   
Castrati (1)  (2)   (3)
Center for Ancient Music  
choir, university
Christmas music   
Cilea, Francesco
Cimarosa, Domenico   
Comic Opera 
composers (other)
conservatory, music (+ linked articles)
copyright (1)  &  (2) 
Donizetti, Gaetano
Dove sta Zazà
Eros and music in Pompeii
Gesù Nuovo facade (music symbols)
Gesualdo, Carlo

ghost singers in film dubbing
goigs (Sard. religious songs)
Grossatesta, Gaetano
Guarracino, lo
Guitar in Naples, the
instruments, medieval
Labache, Luigi
Lomax, Alan
mandolin, Neapolitan
macchietta (song type)
Maldacea, Nicola
Melita (tune to "Eternal Father...")  
Mozart 2, a Fantasy
Mozart in Naples
Mozart, Zaide, "Ruhe sanft..."
music (misc.)  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
musical instruments (folk)
music education
musicals in Naples
National Anthem of Naples
Neapolitan Song (1)  (2)   (3)
Neapolitan songs (pseudo-)
Neapolitan song texts 
Organ restoration  
outlaw music (1)   (2)
Paisiello, G.
Parthenopean Song, archives of
Pergolesi, G.B.
Provenzale, Francesco   
ratchet (instrument)
Ravello (1)  (2)  
Rossini, G. (1)   (2) 
Salas, Esteban
San Carlo theater
San Carlino theater
sceneggiata, the
SIAE (Ital. Soc. Auth. & Ed.) 
street pianos (1)  (2)
Thalberg, Sigismund    
That's Amore  
Verdi and San Carlo
Verdi's music for the king of Naples
Verdi Municipal Theater, Salerno
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra  
zampogna (1)  (2)

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