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selene salvi                              Portrait of a Neapolitan Painter ( Fulvio De Marinis), oil on canvas, 40x50 cm.

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The work of Fulvio De Marinis (the "Neapolitan painter" depicted here) is bound up in the myths and symbols of the city of Naples. The artist, Selene Salvi, has paid homage to her Teacher, imagining him as an 19th-century artist on his own formative travels. Having arrived at Naples, he has himself immortalized at Virgil's Tomb (the panorama behind him is the one that you really see from that vantage point), a site long frequented by artists over the centuries in search of inspiration. In his hands he holds the first text written in the vulgate Neapolitan language of the history of Naples, Chronicle of Parthenope. (The title is not clear at the resolution of this image.) It is the work that put Virgil into legend as an able and powerful sorcerer and protector of the city.

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