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Allegro ma non troppo - series

Premise of this series: From 1987 to 1995 I wrote for and helped edit The Lion Magazine, an unofficial publication of the NATO community in Naples, Italy. Much of the material I wrote had to do with the area and, as such, many years later has found its way into the entries of this website, Naples: Life, Death & Miracles. Additionally, I wrote a monthly humor column (at least, it seemed that way to me!) called Allegro ma non troppo (a musical tempo indication meaning "lively, but not too much". I chose that title, I recall, because the first item I wrote was about the NATO band.) Of the 80+ issues we published, I had a column in each one; some were about the area and, again, have in some form been incorporated elsewhere into this website. Other columns were not about the area, and I have now chosen to put them up and link them from this page (because some old-timers who remember the magazine have asked me to do so.) The items may be dated and topical and may occasionally refer to the NATO community, but they were all intended to be light-hearted and quirky, somewhat like the entries you will find if you look at the Everything is Related to Naples section (ErN on the menu bar, above). There will be about 40 entries in all. They do not appear in chronological order, but to the extent that I am sure of the original publication date in The Lion Magazine, I have put in the date at the top. The images used in these reformatted pages were not in the original articles.

1.  Comrade, Save the Last Dance for Me
2.  With a ladle help from my friends
3.  Now it Can Be Told
4.  Wascals of Wationalism
5.  Honey, I Hatched the Kids!
6.  Stress
7.  You can collect these columns!
8.  Kazahkstan
9.  Why did van Gogh cut off his ear?
10. Once Upon a Tine
11. What's My Line? You Must be Kidding.
12. Deterrents on Guard - D.O.G.S
13. What's this castanet doing in my café au lait? 14. The Devolution of Homo Inabilitatis
15. Albania
16. Shall I Compare thee to a...
17. G-7
18. A Deed Most Fowl
19. Beauty & the Glyph
20. Do Not Read This Under Penalty of Law
21.                           Life is short and Art's Attention Span is None too Good, Either.
22.                                                  Gnomes Anonymous
23.     If Charlemagne and Napoleon Couldn't Do It, What Makes Maastricht Think He Can?
24. Tips for the Tongue-tied
25. The Musical Mammal
26.                          The search for Napoleon's...well, you know...
27.            I’d Put a Title On This, But That’s Just What They Want Me to Do!
28. Zen Driving
29. Glossolalia
30. Feitelbaum is alive and well
31. A Dark and Stormy Nightingale
32. Variations on Fermat's Last Theorem
33. Ten-ness, anyone?
34. Up Your Kazoo!
35. A Christmas Carol
36. Noware Man
37. Rimsky-Korsakov
38. Naming of the Animals
39. Fuzzy Logic
That's All, Folks!

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