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entry Sept 2005

alazzo Marigliano

Palazzo Marigliano (number 26 on this map) is another fine example of Renaissance architecture in Naples. (It is currently being restored; the photo shows a detail of a stairway in the courtyard.) It was  built in 1513 by Giovanni Donadio (called ‘Mormando’) to be the residence of Bartolomeo of Capua, Prince of Riccia and Count of Altavilla and protonotary of the Kingdom of Naples. A number of plaques grace the walls within, reminding the viewers of various events in the life of the city and of the powerful family which lived in this palazzo for centuries. One such reminder is of the "Macchia Plot," a conspiracy hatched here in 1701 by  members of the nobility against the kingdom’s rulers. The plot came complete with a secret tunnel leading from the garden of Palazzo Marigliano to nearby San Lorenzo where the conspirators held meetings. The building currently serves to house the Superintendency of Archives for the Campania Region.

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