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Library of Congress Photochrom lithography of Naples (1880-1900)
 - the Bay in front of the Chiaia section seen from Mergelinia

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This image is shot to the east from the roadside at the Mergellina harbor. The large buildings on the left are along the road called via Caracciolo, which was new in 1890 and extends east for about one mile before curving out and around towards the main commercial port of the city.The buildings and road were part of the completion of the large urban renewal project called the Risnamento. The section of Naples along that part of the coastline is called Chiaia; it extends inland and about halfway up the hill towards the Vomero section of the city. On the left, the Sant'Elmo fortress is visible atop the Vomero. Mt. Vesuvius is visible in the background.

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