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Brief History & Other Articles

This page contains:

(1) a chronology of Naples from the Greek beginnings to 1860, the year of the unification of modern Italy. The entries are also in the main index and on the history portal page, which has many more entries.

(2) entries by third parties and extraneous items.

1. Chronological history of Naples:
These entries are linked from within to other related items, but if you read only through these 14 items below, you will read a straightforward, chronological  history of Naples from the Greek beginnings to 1860. These are the original historical articles as the appeared in the 1995 publication A Brief History of Naples & Other Tales.

1. Greek Naples 8 Aragonese Naples
2. Roman Naples 9. Spanish Naples 1
3. The Dark Ages 10. Spanish Naples 2
4. Norman Naples 11. Austrian Naples
5. Swabian Naples 12. Bourbon Naples 1
6. Angevin Naples -1 13. Bourbon Naples 2
7. Angevin Naples -2 14. Bourbon Naples 3

There is a separate section in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles for items about Sardinia.
That index page is here.

2. Supplemental articles by Jeff Matthews (or as indicated)

Fiuggi    Early Islam in Italy    Claudio Monteverdi    Orvieto    The Rebirth of Rome    The Venice Lagoon

Articles by David Taylor: In the history section (above), items 1, 2, 3 (w/ Matthews), 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and Taylor's "Other Tales" from A Brief History of Naples & Other Tales.

"An Act of Faith" (fiction)     The Axel Munthe Villa on Capri   The Battle of Capri  Ischia    Italy's First Railway  
Nelson and Lady Hamilton
   On Trial for Their Reputations     Parthenopean Republic          The Paupers' Hotel
Pulcinella--World Mask        Roman Bridge to Baia!               The Streets of Naples            Jesse White

Articles by Jeanne Manfred:    

Lecture on History of Naples and Southern Italy.  This is a transcript of a talk Jeanne gave
periodically in Sorrento. It is a delightful synthesis of 2,500 years of history.

The Sheik of Castellaneta: the story of Rudolf Valentino
The Egg Castle --a story
The "Trulli" houses of Puglia                                            

Articles by Herman Chanowitz:

Intarsio (inlaid wood)      WW2-Oral History

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