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For broad subject areas, these portals may be faster than the home index. All entries in that index are NOT in these portals; that is, specific persons or places may be ONLY in the home page index (although many are in these portals). So if you know exactly what you want (such as "San Carlo" or "Francesco Provenzale") search in the home page index first. Also try the Google Search Page. There is overlap between such fields as history and archaeology; the inclusion of an entry in one portal rather than another is somewhat subjective. Look in more than one place. Each portal opens to a list of entries in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles. So far, the portals are:

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     A Neapolitan Doctor working with EMERGENCY on the island of Lampedusa

     San Gennaro

Churches & Series:

Most individual churches are listed by name in the first part of the -S-section (for 'Saint') in the index. Also see the entries under "Miscellaneous churches," starting with part 1.
 Multiple-part series in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles include:

  • the above-mentioned "Miscellaneous churches" (part 1 here)
  • Photos of the Day, beginning April 26, 2016 (see this chronological go-back index), not every day but frequently. They are interspersed among the Naples Miscellany entries. Number 1 is here.
  • iTour NA - a 31-stop tour of the Campi Flegrei, formerly an Apple application.

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