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Entries in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles dealing with the Second World War (and two episodes from WW I):


Anzio Annie (extra photos page)
Balvano (train disaster)
Bari (air-raid, Dec. '43)
Benedetto Croce escape episode
Brazilian Forces in Italy
Bunkers (leftover from WWII)   (2)
Castelnuovo al Volturno, the "non-battle" of
De Sica & the Making of The Gate of Heaven
Dohrn Aquarium (recovery 1944 & 49)
Fascist plot to kidnap Croce

Four Days of Naples (1)   (2)   (3)
Frozen in Time
Il Risorgimento - Allied newspaper
Liberty ships
Mamma Ciociara
Monte Cassino (history of abbey)
Mt. Soratte (German High Command)
O Little Town of Levico - a Christmas Carol
Ortese, Anna Maria & Naples
Ortona (Battle of)
Padre Pio & S. Giovanni Rotondo
SALERNO 1943 (Association)
Salerno Invasion Info Box
von Stohrer,
Maria Ursula
WW2 Aircraft Carrier Attack (first ever!)
WW2 armistice (Sept. 1943)
WW2 Bombing of Naples
WW2 Damage to Art and Monuments
WW2 Oral History (1)
WW2 Oral History (2)
WW2 Oral History (3)
WW2 Oral History (4)
WW2 Oral History (5) (San Carlo)
WW2 Oral History (6)
WW2 Oral History (7)
(8) WW2 Oral History


La Guardia, Fiorello (Little Flower's Fliers)
Zeppelin Attack on Naples!

WWI and II
Scapa Flow, the two-faced port

A Brief History of Capodichino airport

The "capture" of Lampedusa island in WWII
by the Jewish "King of Lampedusa".

The one you won't believe.
Napoleon's black Haitian soldiers in Naples

Brazilian Forces in Italy- WW2. I didn't know about this.

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