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Dolphin Research in Sardinia

If you need any more reason to visit the town of Golfo Aranci near Olbia, this may be it! The town is home to the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI), "a marine science center for Research, Education, and Training in bottlenose dolphin ecology and behaviour." Further, from their description, they are "committed to conserving the diversity and integrity of marine life to meet the needs of current and future generations." They provide marine mammal enthusiasts the chance to participate as volunteers in hands-on research and, as well, for serious researchers they offer intermediate and advanced, "ten-day, college-level training courses in bottlenose dolphin research on the northeastern coast of Sardinia." You have to be 18-years old to take a class. I am at least 18 and, man, I want this! (I swiped the photo, upper left, from their website, but I'm giving them a plug. In fact, I think they owe me a least one day with the dolphins!)

They have a website here. Further contact:

Via A. Diaz 4. Golfo Aranci 07020, Olbia - Tempio, Sardinia, Italy.
Telephone numbers:
Main Office & Public Information: + 39 346 0815414 (mobile) or + 39 0789 183 1197 (office)

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