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Museums in Sardinia

In alphabetical order by city or location. Obviously, this list is just a start. If you have something to add, my email is at the top of this page. The +39 in front of phone numbers indicates the country prefix for Italy if calling from abroad. If calling from Italy, skip that prefix and start with the phone number, itself. Include the intial zero. With cell phones, there is no initial zero.

ALGHERO (prov. Sassari): Diocese Museum of Sacred Art. Includes the Treasures of the Cathedral as well as a significant collection of wooden sculpture. Purports to show the relationship between the area and Catalonia as well as the Republic of Genoa. tel. +39 079 9733041.

ARITZO (prov. Nuoro): Gennargentu Museo of the Sardinian Mountain. Dedicated to Lore, tradition, and life in Sardinia's wildest area. tel. 0784 629801.

BERCHIDDA (prov. Obia-Tempio): Wine Museum.. A thousand years of the history of wine making. I think you get free tasties, but don't write me to complain if you don't.  tel. +39 tel. 079 704587.

BITTI (prov. Nuoro): Multimedia Museum of the Canto a Tenores. Dedicated to the iconic song form of Sardinia and one that is on UNESCO list of  "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity."  tel. +39 0784 414314 and 333 3211346

BORONEDDU (prov. Oristano):  Museum of Sardinian Fables. Near lake Omodeo. Puppet theater and painted displays of the rich and largely unknown world of the Sardinian fairy-tale. tel.: +39 348 3943842.

BURGOS (prov. Sassari): Museum of the Castles of Sardinia. On the premises of a restored castle, this museum of castles displays coastal fortifications at the time of the Spanish in Sardinia; also, a photographic display on the theme of castles. tel.+39  079 793705 or cell. 3494487275.

The Cittadella Museum Complex deserves special mention Opened in the 1990s, it includes the Archaeological Museum and the National Art gallery. The museum is not just about Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. It's about everything to do with Sardina, the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The museum houses 4000 items covering 7000 years of history, findings from the pre-Nuragic and Nuragic age to the Byzantine age. These include a large collection of prehistoric bronze statuettes from the Nuragic a; some earlier stone statuettes of female divinities; reconstruction of a Phoenician settlement; the Nora Stone (image),
(inscribed in ancient Phoenician, dated to the late 9th to early 8th century B.C.); Carthaginian goldsmith examples; Roman and Italic ceramics; and Byzantine jewels. The museum also houses a valuable collection of wax anatomical models made in Florence between 1801 and 1805. The museum itself was formerly an armory. After falling into disrepair it was rebuilt into this museum between 1956 and 1979.  

The museum is at Piazza Arsenale 1, 09124 Cagliari.
tel. +39 070 684000

• Also in Cagliari, the Museum of the Genovese Archconfraternity, collection of sacred art, an  historic-artistic testimony from the foundation of the organization in the late 16th century.
• Also in Cagliari, Railway Museum, on the premises of the Monserrato station. Opened in 1996. Dedicated to the history of the construction of the narrow-guage railway system in Sardinia. tel. +39 070 580246

CAPRERA (prov. Olbia-Tempio) The Garibaldi Museum. On the premises of the home of Italy's greatest national hero on the small island of Caprera in the Maddalena archipelago. tel. +39 0789 727162 & 0789 726015      

(prov. Carbonia-Iglesias) Villa Sulcis Archeaological Museum, Opened in 1988. Contains material from the Neolithic as well as Byzantine periods. Most materials from the area of Carbonia, in the SW of the island. tel. +39 0781-63512 .
•Also in Carbonia, Coal Mining Mueum. The history of coal mining, the most important industry in this part of the island for many years. Includes underground tours and photo exhibit.  tel. +39 0781 670591 & 0781 62727.

IGLESIAS (prov. Carbonia-Iglesias) Museum of Mineralogoy and the Mining Arts. The area was the main mining area on the island, and this is an industrial museum. tel. +39 0781 350037.

LACONI (prov. Oristano): Menhir Museum. Menhir means "tall stones." They are prehistoric megaliths found throughout many parts of Europe (such as at Stonehenge, perhaps the most famous example). The museum is on the premises of the city hall. tel. +39 0782866216 - 0782866202

LA MADDALENA  Diocese Museum. Via Baron Manno 07024 La Maddalena. 0789/737400   +39 349 1534391.    History & details here.

NUORO: Museum of Sardinian Life and Popular Traditions. Seven sections, 8000 items on display. The most complete exhibit of Sardinian ethnography in existence. tel. +39 0784 258088 and 0784 24290 
•Also, in Nuoro, the Grazia Deledda museum, on the premises of her birthplace and childhood home.  tel. +39 0784 258088 and 0784 24290 
•Also near Nuoro, the Mamoiada Museum of Masks. tel. +39 0784 569018   
•Also in Nuoro, Art Museum for the Province. Display of 200 works of Sardinia aretists of the 20th century. tel. +39 0784 252110.

OLBIA: National Archaeological Museum, on the small island of Peddone near the port. Displays of Roman ships recently discovered. It opened in 2003 and is a multipurpose civic hall. Website here.

ORGOSOLO (prov. Nuoro): Mural Museum, in which many of the town walls are given over to political murals done in the 1960s and since. tel. +39 0784 401069 & 400901.

ORISTANO: Antiquarium Arborense. Documents the three important periods in the history of the city: the Phonecian-Punic period (with exhibits on nearby Tharros; the period of Eleonora d'Arborea; and Catalonia domination. tel.  +39 0783 791262  Website here.

ORTACESUS (prov. Cagliari): Grain museum. An entire town dedicated to the history and traditions of grain cultivation. Extremely well-equipped. As well, the town was the site of a documentary film on the "launeddas," a typical Sardinian folk musical instrument. tel. +39 070 9819027

SANLURI (prov.Medio Campodano) Eleonora'd'Arborea Castle and Museum of the Risorgimento. Restored castle and the only survivor of some 80 castles from the period of the giudicati. Since 1927 a museum of the historyof the Italian Risorgimento. tel. +39 070 9307105

SAN SPERATE (prov. Cagliari): Mural Museum. The walls of the entire town are decorated with about 220 murals by Italian and foreign artists, depicting rural life. tel. +39 070 960401 & 96040207

SIDDI (prov. Medio Campidano) the "casa Steri" Museum of traditional food and agriculture. An old farmhouse and other buildings and equipment display how famers used to work the land they lived on in south-central Sardinia. tel. +39 070 9341028  or cell.  349 6304621 
• Also in Siddi:  Ornithology Museum of Sardinia. About 200 examples of birds, representing about 95% of the fauna of the island, both permanent and migratory. Smaller sections devoted to Sardinian mammals. tel. +39 070 939888

TADASUNI (prov. Oristano) The «Don Giovanni Dore» Museum of Music Folk Instruments of Sardinia, on the premises of the parish house, a collection of 500 folk instruments.
tel. +39 0785 50113

TEMPIO PAUSANIA (prov. Olbia-Tempio) Cork Museum, a complete look at the history of cork harvesting and the equipment used. The cork industry remains an important one is the area.
tel. +39 079 672269  and 070 672200

TORRALBA (prov. Sassari): Museum of the Valley of the Nuraghi. Nuraghi are prehistoric stone dwellings and are iconic of the island. The museum was founded in 1988. Two floors with a section on archaeology as well as ethnography. tel. +39  079 847298 or 079 847296

VILLANOVAFORU: (prov. Medio Campidano) South of Oristano, the Genna Maria Archaeological Museum displays materials from the excavations of a nearby Nuraghic village.
tel. +39 070 9300050 or 070 9300048

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