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This website, Naples: Life, Death & Miracles, contains
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nu bar, above) the following sections

HOME PAGE - the main index of entries, about 2000. The indexed items are accessed through a single long A-Z scroll, or more conveniently, by a series of lettered tabs.

WELCOME - A single page explaining the premise of this website.


PORTAL SUBJECT INDEXEntries grouped by general subjects, such as music, art, literature, sports, etc.

MAP & TOUR - A single page with an "active" map of the historic center of Naples, linked to descriptions of the active items. Page includes a text, i.e., a tour of the two main streets in the area bounded by the map.

"NAPLES, THROUGH THE EYES OF..." - Excerpts from the works of those who have written about Naples.

VENUES - A single page of venues for cultural happenings such as operas, concerts and exhibitions.

PHOTOS - A selection of photos, other graphics (such as maps), and some audio segments.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF NAPLES & OTHER TALES - the nucleus from 1995 of this website, with the original 14 historical articles in chronological order for a straightforward history of Naples until the unification of Italy (1861), plus inks to other miscellaneous articles, some by third persons. The "Other Tales" have been incorporated elsewhere in Naples: Life, Death & Miracles." 

ERN - for "Everything is related to Naples", a collection of the quirkier and more curious items selected from the entries of the encyclopedia.

MUSEUMS - Single page list of museums and tourist boards in the Naples area. Includes times, phone numbers.

SARDINIA - A supplementary section on the island of Sardinia.

Also (not linked directly from the menu bar, above) there are great number of shorter items in the Naples Miscellany pages. There is an "early Naples Miscellany page" (2002-2007) and 72 pages (so far) from 2007 to the present.
That index is here.

Also: ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO - As of Sept 2015, a selection of older humorous articles not necessarily about Naples.

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